As part of our government funded initiative, funded until November 2020, we offer training to industrial partners and/or higher education institutes (HEIs) interested in engaging with student enterprise (SE) practices.

The form of training is flexible, to suit the stage and needs of those interested.

For instance, we can:

  1. Visit you and provide 1:1 mentoring – This may be an initial discussion to answer queries and talk through possibilities; or, you may already have engaged in SE and wish to explore developing these further.

  2. Workshops – We held three workshops to aid discovery and explore potential with partners. These workshops were held in: Sheffield, Birmingham, and Manchester. During these, facilitators helped participants to find their 'why?'.

  3. Start-up summers – These offer indirect training for participating industries, on the benefits of student involvement. They also offered talks on start-ups to industry and student attendees. In Sheffield's 2019 start-up summer, we had an IBM workshop, including Watson training (using existing methods of AI to create new services, such as sentiment analysis).

  4. Invitations to visit us and see how our SEs work.

  5. Answer questions on our website forum.

We can provide additional resources, such as contract information (conditions apply). Contact us for more details.