What is a student enterprise?

A student enterprise can be defined as an enterprise where students engage with real Industry practise while at a higher education institution (HEI).

These enterprises can take different forms such as spin-out commercial companies, company-like entities within an HEI and curriculum/industry-linked projects.

How can I get involved with a student enterprise?

Getting involved with a student enterprise will vary based on the type of stakeholder you are – student, industry partner, prospective client or staff of a higher educational institution.

As a prospective client, industry partner, employer or student, we advise that you explore our directory of student enterprises to get in touch with a student enterprise local to you as there are several student enterprises around the United Kingdom.

Also, as a student, you can discover events and opportunities through this website.

My university doesn't have student enterprises – what is available for me as a student?

You can discover student enterprise events and opportunities through this website. Also, some student enterprises which operate in the summer provide an opportunity for students in other universities to participate, you can explore some of these student enterprises here.

How much time does it take me, as an employer, to be available for a student enterprise?

The amount of time it takes will vary from one student enterprise to another, however, we advise that you get in touch with a student enterprise local to you to discuss how you wish to be involved.

How can student enterprises benefit my institution?

There are several benefits of student enterprises to Higher Educational Institutions some of which include, providing an opportunity to work with and engage local and national businesses, generate a positive impact in the local community and contribute to Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) metrics of the institution. You can read more about the benefits to higher educational institutions here.

Are there any standard contracts available for HEIs to use?

This website hosts various resources to help HEIs startup, run and sustain their student enterprises which include contract templates, checklists, articles and several others. Get access to these resources.

How is intellectual property (IP) handled?

This varies from one student enterprise to another, for some industry focused client projects, the client owns the IP and this is established at the beginning of the project. For some startup-related activities, either the student or university owns the IP.

If you are a student or prospective client, we will suggest that you get in touch with the specific student enterprise to clarify how they handle IP.

If you are a member of an HEI interested in information about how to handle IP, explore the resources about this topic or get in touch with us via the contact form.