The student enterprise hub is a network of student enterprises in the United Kingdom engaging students with real Industry to practise while at a higher education institution (HEI).

In today's fast-paced technology landscape, computer science and software engineering graduates need more than theoretical computer science knowledge and skills to stand out. For universities keen on improving their employability rating and improving their graduate’s industry readiness, more needs to be done to engage students with industry while studying for their degrees.

Through this hub, we enable students to discover events and opportunities that are related to student enterprises, provide a directory of student enterprises for companies and industry partners to connect with, and an online resource for educators to start, run and scale a student enterprise based upon the different business models used within HEI’s.

The hub, an initiative which is funded by the Institute of Coding, is led by The University of Sheffield and Aston University and consists of student enterprises from University of Kent, Manchester Metropolitan University, Cardiff University, University of Exeter and Newcastle University. At its core, the hub aims to:

  • Become the online resource for Higher Education Institutions interested in setting up student enterprises to find information.

  • Become a matching service for industry practitioners and employers interested in working with student enterprises.

Student enterprises provide the opportunity for students to lead and deliver on projects for real industrial clients.

What is a student enterprise?

Why should you get involved?

Benefits for educators

Student enterprises boost essential skills that employers say they need graduates to have and can be a vehicle for knowledge exchange.

Benefits for students

Student enterprises help you improve your employability and engage with industry during your degree, giving you a head-start when you graduate.

Benefits for employers

Student enterprises provide an opportunity for employers to work with students and easily identify great talent before they complete their degrees.